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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material in this document, neither Centre for Economics and

Business Research Ltd nor the report’s authors will be liable for any loss or damages incurred through the use of the report.

Authorship and acknowledgements

This report has been produced by Cebr, an independent economics and business research consultancy established in 1992. Cebr

delivers economic analysis and forecasts to a wide array of retained private and public sector clients, and provides bespoke

economic impact analysis of different policies and regulations at whole economy, sector and individual company levels.

The report was authored by Nina Skero, Cebr Economist and the Head of UK Macroeconomics, Scott Corfe. The views expressed

herein are those of the authors only and are based upon independent research by them.

London, February 2015

© Centre for Economics and Business Research for the FairHomeTax Campaign Feb 2015 commissioned by Howard Cox